Nyan Explosion's Perk Shop

  • Is there A Doctor in the House? ( Heals 1 teammate when they touch its teammate for 10 sec) for $300
  • Trapper: Trap 1 enemy and paralyzes it for 30 sec for $400
  • You Have Underestimated My Power (Lets you equip 1 Primary Weapons as Secondary) for $600
  • Sharp Shooter: Lets you shoot with more Accuracy for $ 300
  • Master Survivor (Gives +1 accuracy,luck,strength,defense,hp and explosions for 2500$)
  • Melee Master ( Makes more Awsome Moves when Equipped with a Melee) for $500
  • Souless Ring (Gives your weapons Fire,Dark and Poison Entities but will cut your reload massively for 4040$)
  • Skilled Thrower ( Lets you Throw your Melee Weapon for $1000)
  • Triple Support Equipper (Lets you equip 3 support weapons) for $1050

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