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  • Mariomario345

    Here you play games to win money!

    You get to start 100$ + 1 Gold Ingot

    Only I can edit this.

    Gold Ingots are required to get a free spin in Wheel of Luck and Slot Machine, no losing of cash in Solve the Riddle, Attack of the Mysterious Word if lose and in Choose the Ball a free attempt.

    NOTE: This money can't be used in Weapon Shop. Its just for funz.

    Version 1.0: Wheel of Luck, Solve the Riddle, Slot Machine, A Mysterious Number, Attack of Mysterious Word, Choose the Ball, Gold Ingots.

    Version 1.0.1: Shop

    Version 1.1: Major update of Slot Machine, replacement of Choose the Ball with Quiz Time!

    Version 1.2: This Game Center is playable now in PVZCC.

    Version 2.0: The Actions and Bank are here!

    Wheel of Luck

    Solve the Riddle

    Slot Machine

    A Mysterious Num…

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