So, you got your weapon and maybe a perk or two, but how will you really survive the mass chaos that goes on?

The answer is armor.

Now, its not exactly what you think: A knights metal suit and chain mail would get you nowhere. However, we sell things that could mean the difference between life and death. Have a look!


Some people dont think this is an important factor in armor: it fells loose and gets in the way of your sight. However, a hard hat can block a headshot from a sniper, so dont ignore your hats!

  • Soldier Helmet ($75)

+ -20 vulnerability against sniper shots

  • Golden Helm ($100)

+ Blocks an entire sniper shot

- Breaks after a single sniper shot

  • Heavy Helm ($125)

+ -50 sniper vulnerability

- -0.5 shooting speed

  • Medical Helmet ($100)

+ +2 health regen per second

- +10 bullet vulnerability

Chest And Leg Protection

Help protect your stem/heart and lungs with my new-and-improved body wear! These protect your vital insides, but are usless at close range, so watch out!

  • Military Outfit ($200)

+ -25 bullet vulnerability

  • Vitasuit ($150)

+ +25 Health

  • The Brass Wall ($175)

+ -55 bullet and explosive vulnerability

- %43 Less walking speed

  • Leather Ambassador ($165)

+ %20 More walking speed

- Only -5 bullet vulnerability


Unlike the last two armor sets, boots are purely unbalanced, having almost no disadvantages. Horray!

  • Warrior Boots ($75)

+ %5 more running speed

  • Heavyweight Cleets ($125)

​+ Recuces knockback by %25

  • Leather Runners ($100)

​+ Allows the user to super-sprint!

  • Medic Boots ($100)

+ You run faster the more health you have!

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