Magnum Pea
Sniper pea v2
Created by Orbacal


Military Plant


375 sun


12 normal damage bites


6 normal damage shots (Magnum .357 Pea)



Rate of fire:


Magnum Pea is a military peashooting plant that shoots charged peas that ignore zombies' shields and make a short paralyzing effect to zombies.

Usage and EffectsEdit

Destroys and ignores zombies' frontal defense (Screen Doors, Ladders...), makes a short stun effect to zombies (2/3 from butter paralyze). Its range is infinity so magnum peas can reach distances that exceed 10 tiles (max 24 tiles in PvZ 2). Absorbs 12 normal damage bites, thanks to a helmet. Note the very heavy damage(6 nds) and lowered fire rate (1/2x). Ice and fire does only 1/3 damage to a Sniper Pea. Almost useless in mountain areas and roofs.

Needs special module to shoot air targets too.

Military Almanac EntryEdit

Magnum Peas are trained 24/7 and can make a headshot from 4 mile distance. Peas are charged with top secret method that makes powerful effect on zombies. Trained in volcanic Iceland, these elite snipers can survive any operation in Antarctica or in hot Sahara.


Basically, Magnum peas can't shoot air targets.

If Air Module is bought (500 000 $) in will be pre-installed on one of those plants:

  • Magnum Pea Types
  • Add your plants



  • Very heavy damage
  • Destroys shields
  • Paralyze effect
  • Infinity range
  • Doubled health
  • Resistance to Ice and Fire


  • Roofs and mountain areas makes Magnum Pea useless
  • Lowered fire rate
  • High sun cost